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Wishlist guide

You can add items to your Wishlist to buy later or for other people to buy for you.


Before you can view your Wishlist or add, remove, or buy any items from the list, sign in to your account.


1. How to add items?


You can add items to your Wishlist by a simple click on the star indicated on the WISHLIST+ column from product order line. You will receive an automatically pop-up message to confirm the addition. Also the star will change its color in yellow to be much easier to check items added in to your Wishlist


2. How to view your Wishlist?


On the upper right corner of the screen, you can see a tab with Wishlist star icon. Just put your mouse cursor on the Wishlist tab and a dropdown list will appear.


Now you can quickly check the Wishlist items but for more options just click on the tab or the Wishlist button from the bottom of the quick preview list.


3. How to edit your Wishlist?


You can edit your list by open it and using the options from every item line. From here you can ask to be informed by e-mail when the item became available, to add it in the shopping cart or to remove it from the list.


Also you can send us a message to ask details or any other informations about the item you are interested in. Please note that it is necessarily to provide us the correct personal data in order to be able to reply to you.