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How to order?



1. Choose the product you want to order. With one click on the product picture you shall open a window in which you will find a full presentation of the product.


2. Choose the specification of the product (model, quantity, dimension, colour. etc)  you want to order, checking on right side in the same line with the specification. The products benefit from the display of the availability in our stock. The update of the stocks is not performed in real time, so there is a possibility that errors appear. In case the product is specified as out of stock, you can send a request to be informed the moment it is in stock, pressing the button PRE-ORDER. When the status of the product turns to available, you shall be automatically notified with an email sent to the supplied address.


3. If you wish to increase the quantity ordered, use the button +. Otherwise, the order shall contain the initial quantity 1.


4. To add the selected product to the shopping cart, press the button ADD TO CART. A message shall appear on the screen to confirm the success of the order. In this moment the product is loaded to the shopping cart displayed in the upper right side of the screen. The number of products in the bag is indicated without the need to open the basket.


5. To continue shopping follow the same steps you too to add the first product.


6. To complete the order, access the shopping cart pressing the button MY CART > CHECK CART on the upper right side of the screen.


7. Step number 1 consists in displaying the products and the quantity ordered. Go forwards by pressing the button GO TO DELIVERY TERMS & CONDITIONS


8. Step number 2 needs choosing the 'DPD Express Delivery Service' as method of delivery. 

In order to proceed, we need you to agree with the transportation conditions by checking the box I FULLY AGREE TO THE SHIPMENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS. To start the following step, press the button GO TO PAYMENT METHODS & INVOICE DETAILS


9. In this screen you can choose to 'log in' in an already existing account or choose the fast  order.  WARNING: The fast order does not allow the use of an e-mail address associated to an already existing account. That is why it is very important to remember your account’s username and password.


NOTE: Connecting to your already existing account, you shall automatically access the personal contact and delivery information.


If you don’t have an account, fill in all the fields on the right column (NEW ACCOUNT). After filling in the data, a link for activating the account shall be automatically sent to the e-mail address. You can complete the on-going order without activating the account, but for a future connection you shall need to activate the account. By not activating the account creating, the e-mail address shall remain busy in our system, without the possibility to use it for other fast order. An e-mail address can be associated to only one account, even if this is inactive.


In the screen after the registration you shall have to specify the payment method as PayPal or Credit Card. Also you have to specify if you want the invoice for a legal person or certified natural person, by checking the displayed option.


In the right down side you have the notes box for the order. The notes automatically appear in the system together with the order and facilitate sending your possible requirements.


When you filled in all the fields for this window, go forward using the button CHECKOUT.


10. This is the final step in which all the details of your orders are displayed. Check carefully and place the order pressing the button CHECKOUT. The successful transmission of the order shall be confirmed with a pop-up message.


11. When you receive the order you shall automatically receive by e-mail a message with the products ordered and the delivery data. As soon as possible you shall be contacted by a Big Fish sales representative, for confirming and discussing the possible changes you want to make to your order.


Thank you for your choice!